Remote Work Tips
Oct 24, 2018
2 minute read

I’ve been working remotely for the last 8 years on a full time basis plus another 3-4 years partly remote. I’ve been fortunate that the companies that I’ve worked for have caught the vision of remote work and have acknowledged the fact that being able to see your employee sitting on a chair on a desk in the same office where the rest of the team works does not mean that this will convert you on a more productive resource.

Being able to work remotely has a lot of perks, from my point of view, one of the biggest +1 is that you can avoid the daily morning commute to the office. Driving in traffic, taking the bus or train on a daily basis will definitively wear you down and will have a negative impact on your daily performance. There are many other advantages of working remotely but I will not list them in here, I’ve rather write about what are some of the drawbacks of working remotely for a long period and how can you make your day to day tasks easier to complete.

If you’ve worked remotely for at least 6 months by now you know that there is a good ammount of situations that you need to avoid in order to have a productive day. Starting your day at a set time, not working in your pyjamas, having a separate place in your house that can be used a an office, respecting your work schedule can be some of the items that you know that are neccessary to keep a good and sane working environment.

++++ Reduce distractions If you are having a hard time staying on a task and completing it, it may be related to distractors you have in your workflow. I’ve found that having a lot of communication tools, sometimes what it does is that it takes your focus out of your current task. This will be worst if you have enabled some desktop notifications