AWS Autoscaling - Terraform style
Jul 5, 2020
1 minute read

In the past days I’ve been working with Terraform (v0.12.28) and I’ve spent some time deploying an AutoScaling environment.

In order to crate the AutoScaling deployment you will need to configure the following items:

  • Launch Configuration
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • EC2 ami
  • Security Groups
  • Auto Scaling Groups

Before jumping into the code, it’s worth reviewing the recently added option to EC2, in the past, in order to create a AutoScaling deployment, you neded to create a Launch Configuration, but since (DATE) AWS added to the option list the Launch Templates option. The Launch Templates does the following [link_here] and it’s different like this from the Launch Configuration.

The first step is to write the code for the Launch Configuration. The options needed in a Launch Configuration are the following - name - port - ami - other options

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